About Us


TFCU is a not-for-profit cooperative of members who have the following common bond: 1. Affiliation with Macon County Board of Education and Tuskegee Institute. 2. Persons who reside, work or worship in Macon County, AL. 3. Members of the South East Alabama Self-help Association. 4. Members and employees of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Churches of the Montgomery – Opelika District in Russell, Lee, Montgomery, Lowndes, Barbour and Crenshaw Counties, Alabama. 5. Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this credit union; employees of this credit union; persons retired as pensioners or annuitants from the above employment; members of their immediate families; and organizations of such persons. Its charter was established in 1938 under the Federal Credit Union Act of 1934. This Act and the guidelines of NCUA define and delimit the authority and membership of TFCU.

Board of Directors

Chairman Of The Board
Fred D. Gray, Jr., Esquire

Vice Chairman
Ulysees Roberts


Assistant Secretary
George Bulls, II, Esquire

Frankie Williams

Eric Love
Gwendolyn Harris

Supervisory Committee

Gwendolyn Harris

Felecia Moss-Grant
Christina Donner


Pamela Roberts

Branch Manager (Main Branch)
Valerie Hall

Executive Assistant to President/CEO
Ida Wright

Loan Officer
Valerie Hall

Collection Department 
Ida Wright
Karen Sparks

Office Coordinator
Karen Sparks